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Blindrelay Blind Computer Ghost

Helps Keep Private Things Private

Using the blindrelay Windows 10 app for client side RSA 4096/AES 256 encryption/decryption, along with blindrelay server coordination, information can be shared privately across the globe (subject to datacenter limitations).

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Group Sharing

and Share

Easily share end-to-end encrypted information with groups of others. Confirmed email addresses are used as publisher and subscriber identifiers and groups are formed using a simple invite process.

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An API Access Key subscription (in-app purchase) enables blindrelay integration with your company's backend systems. Automate group file downloads and decryption using a simple to use, open source, .NET Core library.

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Easy to Use Global.

Need to send financial reports, top secret breaking news, or other files privately and easily to others around the world? Let blindrelay help. Encryption and decryption happen on group member devices. Blindrelay servers do not and cannot decrypt your data!

One major benefit of end-to-end encryption is that privacy is maintained should an encrypted file go missing or get misplaced.

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Password Manager Simple password and secret management.

For a nominal subscription fee, the Password Manager add-on can help you manage your passwords and secrets. Passwords and secrets (api keys, urls, simple text, etc.) are encrypted and decrypted on your device and stored encrypted on blindrelay servers. Blindrelay servers cannot decrypt your passwords or secrets!

File Protector Included.

Protect single or many files at a time, large or small, on your device using a password and AES 256 encryption. Included with the blindrelay app.